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Holiday 2018 Hop Art

Sly Fox Christmas Ale

By: Anita Smith Run, run, as fast as you can to get your hands on this year’s Sly Fox Christmas Ale, which is decked out with gingerbread men (and women). The 2018 label (it changes yearly) features the iconic holiday cookie, which hints at the...

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Hop Art Fall 2018

Evil Genius Fly Like An Eagle

It’s been six months since the Eagles won Super Bowl LII and the city has finally come back down to earth. YEAH RIGHT! Philadelphia continues to nurse its postgame hangover and how about all those newborn babies named Carson and Nick? No wonder Evil...

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Hop Art Summer 2018

Ballast Point Fathom IPA

If ever there was a brewery devoted to San Diego’s fun-in-the-sun lifestyle, it’s Ballast Point. The liquid their brewers create is pure West Coast sunshine. The images that grace their cans and bottles, come from the imagination of Californian Paul...

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Spring House Brewing Company brews some scary good beers. With a background in chemistry and inspiration from the realms of sci-fi and horror, owner and Brewmaster Matt Keasey has created everything from devilishly dark stouts, like Big Gruesome and...

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A beer that inspires brewers and artists alike. Painters mix colors and use brush strokes to communicate memories and emotions. Brewers combine hops and malt to convey in liquid form something that cannot be expressed verbally. And other times...

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Hop Art Fall 2017

‘R’ is for Rodenbach

If you’re Belgian, or a great-big beer fan, capitol ‘R’ stands for one thing only: Rodenbach. The Rodenbach Brewery, located in quaint, historic Roeselare, Belgium, was founded back in the early 1800s by a family of interesting characters. A few of...

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Hop Art Winter 2017

Saranac Cold Brew Coffee Lager

  Saranac Cold Brew Coffee Lager We all know and love coffee beers – the roasty porters and stouts that pair perfectly with frigid weather and a plate of eggs and home fries. But Saranac’s newest offering is turning the whole coffee beer style...

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Hop Art Holiday 2016

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA is a great beer with a great story. Made with a slew of Northwest hops, 60 Minute IPA is the beer Dogfish Head Founder Sam Calagione made by “MacGyvering” an old, vibrating football game so the hops slid into his brew...

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