Exclusive Fall 2017

Brewery PURR-fection

By Christopher Munden

When the folks at 2SP Brewing Company were building their headquarters in Aston, PA, they got more than just a solid home for their craft brewery. “We had a few stray cats just wandering around,” says Joe Ruthig, 2SP’s distribution manager. “Then they were all gone and only one remained. And she adopted us, so she lives here now.”

As head mouse catcher, 2SP’s Brewery Cat, or “B” to her friends, has fast become 2SP’s most popular representative. Over 1,200 Instagram followers tune in to see her exploring the premises, inspecting the equipment or “sleeping in amazingly weird positions.”

Indeed, a quick Instagram search reveals that cats around the world call breweries their home, continuing a long history of human-feline interdependence.

Cats, as we know them today, were first domesticated thousands of years ago, when their wild ancestors began feeding on pests in grain stores, providing a welcome service to early farmers. Likewise, beer production began soon after people adopted agriculture (some anthropologists theorize that beer was the reason we started farming in the first place), so it’s safe to say, beer and cats go back a long time.

With modern breweries reluctant to use chemicals to treat infestations, cats still serve a useful purpose. “She keeps the place rodent and bug-free better than any exterminator,” Ruthig says about 2SP’s resident feline. “Plus she’s kinda cute.”

Brewery Cat’s attractive tabby markings and adorable cross-eyed stare attracts many admirers, although the feelings aren’t always mutual. “Guests want to pet her, but she really isn’t into it, so we warn them to let her be,” says Ruthig. “She only wants so much attention before she is over it and gets mean.”

“She’s one of the sassiest cats I’ve ever met,” confirms 2SP sales rep and cat-lover Erin Dintinger. “But she has all the boys at the brewery wrapped around her little paws.”

Follow Brewery Cat’s adventures on Instagram @brewerycat2sp or visit her at 2SP’s Tasting Room, 120 Concord Road in Aston, PA.