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5 to Try: Oktoberfest Beer

The actual Oktoberfest celebration might be a couple of weeks away, but the Oktoberfest beers are here right now! If you’re in the mood for some Oktoberfest offerings this fall, we’ve highlighted 5 great picks worth checking out.

Sierra Nevada Oktoberfest

Each year, Sierra Nevada collaborates with a German brewery to create a unique Oktoberfest beer. This year, the brewery has paired with Bitburger Brewery to make a delicious festbier that has a rich amber color and a good malt blend. Collaboration beers are always tons of fun, especially because they are special for the year and you won’t be able to get them again. Don’t miss out on another solid inclusion in Sierra Nevada’s arsenal.




Great Lakes Oktoberfest

In our Taste Test article about Great Lakes Oktoberfest, we discussed how the brewery always releases knock-out products. Their Oktoberfest is a delicious beer that embodies classic German styles but is bursting with flavor. The malt flavors are vibrant and rich, making this beer extremely smooth the whole way down. While Great Lakes might slide under your radar, do not overlook this beer.



Cape May Oktoberfest

Cape May is one of the most reliable breweries around right now, putting out consistent beer after consistent beer. Their Oktoberfest is no different. This mellow beer combines Vienna, Munich, Caramunich, Pilsen and Melanoidin malts to create a complex and delicious flavor profile. Cape May keeps things pretty straightforward with this beer and truly honors the classic Oktoberfest styles of old, which makes it a great go-to option if you need to make a quick decision in the store.


2SP DelcoFest

“Less hops, more malt,” is how 2SP describes DelcoFest. This beer is a marzen but falls right between a Vienna lager and a dunkelweizen in terms of its color and flavor profile. DelcoFest is bursting with a caramel malt-forward profile that highlights heavy biscuit and bread flavors. 2SP has created a rich beer that has a great blend of sweetness and nuttiness at only 5% ABV, making this a super crushable Oktoberfest beer that is delicious and robust.


Paulaner Oktoberfest Wiesn

Paulaner is one of the classic Oktoberfest beer brands. The brewery is literally one of the 6 breweries represented on the official Oktoberfest grounds. The flagship Paulaner beer is their Oktoberfest-Marzen, but the Oktoberfest Wiesn shouldn’t go overlooked. This lager is a full-bodied, classic German style that is rich and full of flavor. The hop balance displays the consistency that Paulaner offers across their portfolio. At 5.8% this classic lager is a great Oktoberfest option for anyone who wants something slightly different from the usual marzen options.

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