Fall 2016 Brew News

Olivier Dedeycker, Brewer of Saison Dupont

Fourth generation Brewmaster of Belgium’s Brasserie Dupont, Olivier Dedeycker, made his inaugural trip to the U.S. in June for the launch of “Deux Amis,” that’s French for two friends. This beer was made in collaboration with Olivier’s friend Tomme Arthur, the award-winning brewer of California’s Lost Abbey.

Draught Lines was honored to spend some time with him during the Deux Amis release party at Monk’s Cafe in Philadelphia.


D.L. What should Americans know about Saison Dupont?

O.D. Well, first I am proud that my family’s farmhouse ale has inspired so many American brewers to explore the saison style. And you know, it’s a taste of Belgium because of the yeast that floats in the air.

D.L. Tell us a little more about Deux Amis.

O.D. I really wanted to work with Tomme because he makes great beer. [He was one of the first American brewers to use wild yeast and microorganisms, as they do in Belgium.] Also, he knows a lot about our Brasserie Dupont beers and the yeast we use. I wanted to create a new version of Saison Dupont, but with an American influence. This is the first time American hops have been used at the brewery, and I was eager to explore how they might behave.

D.L. Which American hops did you decide to use?

O.D. Tomme shipped the hops to us, and on brewing day, we opened them together. The hops he selected were Amarillo, Simcoe, Mosaic and Hallertauer Magnum. He made suggestions for ratio and quantities. It was a great decision.

D.L. Did the beer turn out the way you imagined?

O.D. It is very interesting. It is the same yeast and the same process as we use to create Saison Dupont. But the new hops made a lot of difference. The finish tastes of floral orange and earthy pine. It is interesting because it is a Dupont and not a Dupont, you know?

*Named the “Best Beer in the World” by Men’s Journal, Saison Dupont costs about $10 a bottle. A world class bottle of wine, such as Chateau Pontet Canet 2010, is around $300. Enjoy a pint-sized bottle of this iconic beer for less money than a single glass of great wine

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