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Guinness Blends to Enhance Saint Patrick’s Day


When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, there is one beer that everyone knows and loves – Guinness. This dark and creamy Irish stout is easy-drinking and really hits the spot. While Guinness is excellent on its own, it might not necessarily be everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered. Most people are familiar with the half & half or black & tan combinations, but there are some craftier and more exciting Guinness blends, which are highlighted below to help take your St. Pat’s celebration to the next level!

Black & White: Guinness & Allagash

This is a crafty upgrade to the classic mix of Guinness and witbier. Mixing Guinness with the wildly popular Allagash White offers a delicious pairing that combines light and dark, bringing together the best of both worlds and the flavors that come with each. If you’re looking to make your Guinness a little lighter in body, mixing it with Allagash White is a great option.

Black Castle: Guinness & Newcastle Brown Ale

Also called a black & brown, a mix of Guinness and Newcastle Brown Ale combines sweet roast & nut flavors with the smooth Guinness profile, giving it a bit of an edge. Newcastle’s caramel notes offer additional sweetness, creating a dry, but very tasty, blend.

Chocolate Covered Cherry: Guinness & Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

On its own, Sam Adams Cherry Wheat is a sweet beer that delivers heavy cherry flavors. Combining it with Guinness balances out the beer exceptionally well. Guinness delivers creamy and chocolaty aspects, while Cherry Wheat contributes  a fruity edge, creating a great dessert blend.

Black Orchard: Guinness & Angry Orchard

The combination of Guinness and cider has been around for a while, but craft brewers have introduced a lot of fresh craft ciders in the last few years, giving us more options to create more interesting cocktails. Mixing Angry Orchard (we recommend Easy Apple) with Guinness creates a deliciously dry, slightly sweet concoction.

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