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Hop Valley Brewing Co. Launches in Philadelphia

Introducing Hop Valley Brewing Co: an Oregon brewery with a refreshingly different take on IPA.

Meet Hop Valley

New to the Northeast, in 2011 this Oregon-based brewery discovered that the detritus harvested from the inside of hop-pellet hammers contained more than dust. Dubbed Cryo Hops by Yakima Chief Hops, the concentrated hop powder was used to create Bubble Stash, an IPA with tropical flavors and just 45 IBUs, a smooth-drinking beer that combines the aromatic payoff of an IPA without the bitterness. With a roster that includes their flagship IPA (Bubble Stash), Mango & Stash mango-flavored IPA, Cryo Stash Imperial IPA and Stash Panda hazy IPA, the brewery’s variety of beers are a hit with beer geeks.

The Magic is in the Stash

Cryo Hops from Yakima Chief Hops are the key to Hop Valley’s wildly successful range of IPAs — the Stash series.

To make Cryo Hops, lupulin (the yellow, pollen-like material within the hop cone which carries the essential oils & acids used for brewing) is cryogenically separated from the hop with a nitrogen bath at sub-zero temps.

This innovative process helps create an easier-drinking, less bitter IPA vs. traditional hops, without sacrificing the juicy flavors and tropical aromas that drinkers love.

Bubble Stash

Hop Valley snuck into their secret stash of Mosaic Cryo Hops to create this tropical IPA experience with delicious notes of natural blueberry, tangerine and stone fruit – a combo that takes IPAs to new altitudes. These new Cryo Hops allow the Hop Valley brewers to create a beer with intense levels of hop flavor without the astringency and vegetal flavors that can pop up in this style of beer. Pass the stash!

ABV: 6.2%

Package: 12 oz. cans (4/6)

Availability: Now, year-round!

Did You Know?: Bubble Stash was the first beer of the Stash series, first brewed in 2012.

Stash Pack

Since Hop Valley is new to the Northeast, they want to make sure we can all try a little bit of everything and experience the true power of Cryo Hops with the Hop Valley Stash Pack – a refreshingly different IPA experience. Each 2/12 pack of cans includes: Bubble Stash, a tropical IPA; Mango & Stash, a double punch smoothie of fruit and hop flavors that will leave you craving a sequel; Stash Panda, a hazy IPA brewed with grapefruit peel and Cryo Stash, a melding of citrus, malt, hops and real fruit that’ll saturate the senses and keep drinkers wanting more.

Package: 12 oz. cans (2/12)

Availability: Now, year-round!

Did You Know?: Stash Panda is a play on “trash pandas” a.k.a. raccoons, and the playful bandits can be seen on the Stash Panda label if you look closely.

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