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Just Released: AriZona SunRise Hard Seltzer

Introducing AriZona SunRise Hard Seltzer: a sessionable hard seltzer made with a splash of real fruit from tea & juice giant AriZona and top international brewer, Heineken.

Real Fruit, Real Flavor, Real Color

AriZona SunRise carries the juice and flavor credentials of AriZona, one of the U.S.’s top non-alc brands. SunRise combines real fruit juice, brilliant color and single-serve potential for a hard seltzer that will dominate in the cooler.

Style: Hard seltzer

ABV: 4.6%

Stats (per 11.5 oz. serving): 100 calories, 3g carbs, gluten-free, no added sugar

Packages: 11.5 oz. slim cans (2/12 variety pack) and 19.2 oz. cans (12)

Availability: Year-round

“One of the reasons we really believe we can win here is all about the AriZona brand. [AriZona has] massive brand reach throughout the country, massive brand in convenience, where hard seltzer hasn’t been able to massively penetrate. And so, we know that there’s a lot we can drive. And finally, anchoring on our real point of difference, which is our splash of real fruit.”

Jenna Behrer, VP of marketing innovation and activation at Heineken

Say Hello To SunRise

Cherry Punch

SunRise Hard Seltzer Cherry Punch is based on AriZona’s popular Cherry Punch juice flavor. This seltzer is red in color with notes of cherry and cranberry, and a light apple cherry finish.

Available In: 19.2 oz. cans and the 11.5 oz. can variety pack


Mucho Mango

Yellow in color, SunRise Mucho Mango Hard Seltzer is based on AriZona’s popular Mucho Mango juice flavor, and has a real mango flavor and finish.

Available In: 19.2 oz. cans and the 11.5 oz. can variety pack

Variety Pack

The AriZona SunRise Hard Seltzer Variety Pack contains four deliciously refreshing seltzers in 11.5 oz. slim cans including: Grapefruit, Lemon, Mucho Mango and Cherry Punch.

Available In: 11.5 oz. cans (2/12)

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