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Lagunitas DayTime Gets a Cool New Look – Again

As breweries and beers evolve, recipes are altered and labels are updated to keep things fresh and exciting. Check out the evolution of Lagunitas DayTime since its inception in 2012.

The OG

Originally called “A Fractional IPA,” when DayTime was first released, it was 4.9% ABV with 54 IBUs. The label featured the Lagunitas dog, with green and red font.


The Rise of Sessions

With the increased popularity of session IPAs, DayTime’s recipe was reformulated, the ABV was reduced to 4% and the beer went from being called a fractional IPA to a session IPA. The packaging was also redesigned, with a label sporting a blue, white and yellow color scheme that called out the style and featured a bent nail front and center.


Better-For-You Focus

Recently, as better-for-you beers began taking the beer industry by storm, Lagunitas tweaked the label again, highlighting the beer’s 98 calories, 3 carbohydrates and 4% ABV on the can and all other signage.


The Future of Daytime

As we look towards the remainder of 2019 and 2020, Lagunitas is altering the look of DayTime once again. The new label, that has surfaced online, seemingly blends the old and new. The blue, white and yellow color palette is sticking around, while there is a greater focus on the low calories and carbs. And the iconic Lagunitas dog makes its way back, sporting sweet shades this time around.

Overall, this seems like a small but solid update for the brand. This beer is an amazing session IPA that offers a low-calorie and low-carbohydrate option, without sacrificing  flavor or quality.

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