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Things You Didn’t Know About Green Flash

Green Flash is an iconic brewery within the craft beer community. Founded back in 2002, the California brewery has been through quite the ride, but is continuing the thrive and expand within the competitive craft beer industry. While you probably know Green Flash for their West Coast IPA, there is a lot more to this company and everything they’ve accomplished over the years. Here are some things you might not have known about Green Flash Brewing Company.

Green Flash has “West Coast IPA” Trademarked

It’s true… you might think that plenty of beers are called West Coast IPAs, but Green Flash actually has that term trademarked. While it wasn’t necessarily the first, the brewery created an IPA that really put the style on the map.

West Coast IPA Returned to its Original Recipe in 2018

In 2014, Green Flash had opted to alter the formula of their classic West Coast IPA. Alas, the new liquid didn’t make as big a splash as the original version of the beer did. So last year, Green Flash announced that they heard the demand from consumers, and dipped back into the vault to return to the glorious original recipe.

Green Flash Acquired Alpine Brewing in 2014

Back in 2014, Green Flash acquired California-based Alpine Beer Company. The merge allowed Alpine to retain control of their beers while Green Flash started producing the beer. This allowed Alpine’s production to jump to 3,000 barrels a year as well as expanding their distribution to a national scale. Alpine is known for their award-winning McIlhenney’s Irish Red as well as Nelson IPA, which fans describe as “legendary” and is named after Nelson Sauvin hops.

You can get a pair of Green Flash Sunglasses

Green Flash paired with fellow San Diego native company, Knockaround, to create a sweet pair of custom collaboration shades. The pair wanted to work together to promote two local brands that respect each other’s craft, and the result are some sweet deep-sea green frames with golden lenses reminiscent of a golden beer poured into the glass.

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