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Day Drinking with Willem van Waesberghe

By Lew Bryson This Brewmaster “reverse engineered” the world famous lager to perfect the only 69 calorie, NA beer good enough to be called Heineken 0.0. Have you ever been in a situation where you’d like a beer, but alcohol is out...

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Best Beers for Fall

Roasty, smoky, malty. These are just a few of the mouth-watering adjectives people use to describe the flavors of fall beers. With so many choices, do you ever wonder what you should be drinking as the cooler weather sets in? We asked a handful of...

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Beer’s Big Bang

The brews that started it all (a.k.a. flagships) unleashed a turbo-powered craft movement that continues to expand. Taste the beers that inspired countless artisans to boldly brew what no man or woman has brewed before. It was a seismic shift like...

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Passing Through Passyunk

Once a little-known South Philly thoroughfare, Passyunk Ave. is now home to the city’s trendiest bar and restaurant scene. While the famed cheesesteak rivals Pat’s and Geno’s have long been the marquee players of this South Philly neighborhood, in...

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SeaQuench Ale Was Just the Beginning

Introducing Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty, the low carb IPA for hop lovers. Dogfish Head’s Sam Calagione doesn’t plan on slowing down his drinking, so he knew he had to get busy innovating. In 2016, he brewed SeaQuench, a lime-infused, low alcohol...

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IPA Confusion is a Real Thing

No longer exclusively hop-forward and bitter, IPAs have splintered into a spectrum of sub-styles. If the thought of ordering an IPA makes you a wee bit anxious, we’re here to help. These seven IPA varieties are all you need to know… at least for now...

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A DogHouse You’ll Want to Sleep In

BrewDog’s Scottish founders & their American counterpart open the doors to their latest project – DogHouse Hotel & Brewery. As students at Temple University, my beer geek friends and I dreamt up an idea we were sure would make us millions: a...

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Getting Physical with Beer

Breweries are hosting fitness-focused events. It’s a great way to enjoy beer, while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The secret’s out: breweries and tasting rooms are no longer just for trying a new IPA or catching a tour. We tracked down the...

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Talk the Talk

Has anyone ever offered you a whale? Did you know it was a beer? A decade ago, most people didn’t know an IPA from an IBU, let alone today’s beer slang. If you want to fit in… RTFM – read the freaking manual, so you can talk the talk, while you...

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