Why You Should Be Drinking Fall 2020

Stone Enjoy By Series – Jeremy Moynier

For nearly 25 years, Stone has been a brewing pioneer, churning out classic, award-winning beers at their brewery in California. In 2012, Stone focused all their innovative might on the style that remains America’s favorite: IPA. The brewery’s Enjoy By series, a quarterly release, continues to be a major event for IPA fans. If you haven’t enjoyed one in a while, you really should rediscover what makes this beer so special.

Stone’s Enjoy By series gives beer lovers a chance to experience an iconic California double IPA (the base recipe and its blend of 11 hops remains the same) in new and different ways: unfiltered, ultra-hoppy, fruit forward… you get the idea. With a focus on freshness, the beers are meant to be consumed within 37 days. That’s why the Enjoy By date is in its name. Usually the dates are holidays – New Year’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween – making them perfect for celebrating.

Over the years, the popularity of the Enjoy By releases has skyrocketed. As Jeremy Moynier, Senior Manager of Stone’s Innovation Program, explains, “We never could have imagined the level of success this beer has achieved – initially we were only able to distribute it to a few states and now each new release is a nationwide event. It’s not easy to orchestrate – we brew the entire release all at once, package it all at once and ship it everywhere at the same time. It’s a massive effort across many departments – but we’ve gotten pretty good at it.”

The Enjoy By series stands as proof of Stone’s commitment to freshness and love of hops. “Our dedication to great-tasting, fresh beer isn’t limited to the Enjoy By series,” Moynier says. “By experiencing just how amazing a West Coast IPA can be at the peak of its freshness, our fans can truly understand why we go to the lengths we do to ensure fresh beer.”

Next up in the series lineup is Enjoy By 10.31.20, a “frighteningly fresh” double IPA, just in time for Halloween. This double IPA’s packaging shows the spooky spirit of the holiday, but Stone assures “the only thing that would truly be terrifying is missing out on this incredibly tasty creation.”

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