Holiday 2018 Exclusive

Beer Gets the Cocktail Treatment

It all started with the margarita…

…or so the story goes. The tart, tequila-infused cocktail is said to have been the first drink served in a rimmed glass. Exactly who was the first to serve the salt rim, and when, is up for debate. But one thing remains clear, the idea caught on like wildfire.

Since then, bartenders and beverage enthusiasts have garnished glasses to spice up cocktails. Everything from martinis to Bloody Marys to mojitos can have a sweet or savory spice around the rim to complement every sip.

With so many flavor possibilities, why not try it with beer? Our eyes (and taste buds) were opened to a whole new world of tasty options.

Finding the perfect flavor accent for the rim of your glass is a lot like pairing beer with food: use something that either complements or contrasts with the beer.

Have fun and don’t be afraid to experiment. Here’s what we’re talking about: Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, with its smooth hints of pumpkin, brown sugar & spice is a festive treat straight out of the bottle. But enjoyed in a glass rimmed with cinnamon & sugar – or tiny bits of graham cracker – transforms this already tasty beer into a liquid celebration. And it’s so easy to do…

You’ll need to prepare the glass so the garnish sticks. This can be done using simple syrup (2 parts sugar to 1 part water, heated in a pot over medium heat). Or you can use something more flavorful. Try chocolate or caramel sauce with stouts and porters, raspberry liqueur or agave syrup with wheat beers or cognac with a barrel- aged barleywine.

Getting the garnish on to the glass is simple. You’ll need two shallow dishes to complete the rimming process: one for the liquid and another for the garnish. Hold the glass at an angle and slowly spin the rim in the liquid. Do the same for the garnish, slowly dipping the glass to cover the entire rim. Tap off any excess before turning the glass right side up and filling with beer.

Some people say the devil is in the details, but when it comes to cocktails, we say the details are a pure delight. So, when a glass of wine doesn’t cut it and gin & tonic isn’t enough, these bubbly
beauties get the party started.

Dress up dark, silky stouts like Allagash Black with a cocoa-powdered or coconut flaked rim.

Take the tart of a Berliner weisse up a notch with a rim of crushed Jolly Ranchers. We recommend using Ballast Point Sour Wench.

Accent a classic pale ale like Sierra Nevada’s with grapefruit zest and chopped ginger for a Fruit Loops cereal taste.
Cinnamon & sugar transforms pumpkin ales like Dogfish Head Punkin into liquid celebrations.

For a seasonal twist, try a roasty porter like Great Lakes Edmund Fitzgerald with a crushed candy cane rim.










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