Winter 2019 Exclusive

Talk the Talk

Has anyone ever offered you a whale?

Did you know it was a beer? A decade ago, most people didn’t know an IPA from an IBU, let alone today’s beer slang. If you want to fit in…

RTFM – read the freaking manual, so you can talk the talk, while you drink the drink.

Bottle Share (or just “share”) When beer geeks get together to share their beers with other collectors.

Brett Short for Brettanomyces, a wild yeast used in beer fermentation that imparts tart and funky notes.

Crushable A super-drinkable beer.

Dank A descriptive term used for hoppy beers, especially IPAs, meaning it has sticky, resiny & marijuana-like characteristics. Think Cape May Snag & Drop.

Freshies Just-released cans of a New England-style IPA, often canned just a few hours earlier.

Graveyard Empty bottles after a bottle share, photographed for social media.

Killshot Photo of a graveyard. See above.

Juicy Descriptor for New England-style IPAs, which are unfiltered and tend to resemble a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Lawnmower Beer A thirst quencher, best consumed while in a hot environment and/or after vigorous physical activity.

Shelf Turd A beer easily found at your local store or supermarket. This is not necessarily a bad beer.

Ticking A beer-related hobby that includes tasting many different beers and checking them off a list.

Whale A rare, sought-after beer. Usually produced in very limited quantities.

Octanes Beers with high ABVs usually above 10%.

Sponts Spontaneously fermented ales – beers that have been exposed to the air to capture local airborne yeast and bacteria.

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