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Weyerbacher & José Pistola’s Let Their Eagles Flag Fly With a New Beer: Dallas Sucks

It goes without saying that Philadelphia has a very, uh, enthusiastic sports fan base. Now that the future of our hallowed Eagles appears to be growing brighter (finally), Josh Lampe of Weyerbacher and co-owners of the center city bar José Pistola’s, Casey Parker and Joe Gunn, felt it was high time to brew a beer specifically for those rabid Philly football fans.

Bartender Adam Anderson (left) with co-owners Casey Parker & Joe Gunn of José Pistolas

“The three of us are huge Eagles fans, so we decided that it’d be a great way to collaborate on a beer,” says Lampe. What resulted was an easy-drinking pale ale clocking in at less than 5% ABV, perfect for a day of tailgating and four quarters of football – without the resulting hangover Monday morning. “You can drink about six a quarter and still be okay to get outside to your Uber,” says Gunn.

But, what to call this football friendly brew? For that, Josh, Joe and Casey looked no further than José Pistola’s unofficial slogan/ battle cry: Dallas Sucks.

Even José Pistola’s Point of Sale is Anti-Dallas

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and their divisional foe, the Dallas Cowboys, has always had a colorful and unapologetic history – one that José Pistola’s is more than happy to play a hand in. Walk into José’s on any given Sunday (football season, or not) and you’ll see the words “Dallas Sucks” scrawled just about everywhere:

signs, t-shirts, even on the POS stations the servers use. “They’ve always had a Dallas Sucks theme going on,” laughs Lampe. “It felt like the perfect thing to name this beer.”

“There are plenty of bars that love the Eagles, but only a couple have enough hate for the Cowboys to name a beer after that hatred,” says Parker. But, when word spread that Weyerbacher and José Pistola’s were teaming up to create a beer with a Cowboys put-down right on the label, the expected eye-rolls and annoyance from Dallas fans didn’t exactly materialize.

“We’ve got a lot of intense sports fans around here, not just for the Eagles,” says Lampe. “Even the Dallas fans we’ve told about it are really excited that we’re making this beer.”

While Dallas fans are more than welcome to grab a pint of Dallas Sucks, Parker says the spirit behind the beer is clear, “It’s the perfect combination of the sensibilities of the superior Philadelphia beer scene and absolutely nothing from Dallas.”

Dallas Sucks will be an exclusive release at all the Pistola’s bars (José Pistola’s and its sister bars Sancho Pistola’s in Fishtown and the new South Philly location Pistola’s Del Sur) for the first two weeks of the football season and city wide after that. Later it will be available in 6-pack cans for those long Sundays when you prefer to watch football from your couch rather than a barstool.

In a city like Philadelphia, where the frenzied passion for our teams spans throughout all sports, this beer seems primed to start a new trend. Will there be more beers brewed that are dedicated to each of Philly’s beloved sports teams? Though the possibilities seem endless, Lampe is just looking forward to this first incarnation. “We’re starting with this, but Philly is such a great sports town, it certainly is something we’re considering.”

Whether or not we see a Phillies or Sixers-themed beer from Weyerbacher in seasons to come, this year, Josh, Joe and Casey are faithfully defending our home turf with Dallas Sucks Pale Ale. Be ready Dallas fans, when you step inside José’s, or any other Philly bar this season, you’re in our house.

“Every once in a while, someone from Dallas comes into José’s and sees our Dallas Sucks signs and gets offended or sad,” says Gunn. Then, as a smirk appears on his face, he adds, “They deserve those feelings.”

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