Fall 2017 Hop Art

‘R’ is for Rodenbach

If you’re Belgian, or a great-big beer fan, capitol ‘R’ stands for one thing only: Rodenbach.

The Rodenbach Brewery, located in quaint, historic Roeselare, Belgium, was founded back in the early 1800s by a family of interesting characters. A few of them fought with Napoleon and one actually wrote the Belgian National Anthem.

But, the Rodenbach family’s real claim to fame comes from Pedro Rodenbach’s perfection of Flemish red brown ale. The beer style has been around since the Middle Ages, but Rodenbach figured he could make the ale taste better by using blending techniques borrowed from wine makers. It’s no surprise then, that Rodenbach Grand Cru is something like a Cabernet Sauvignon that is bright and tart with hints of raspberries and oak. Rodenbach created a beer by which all the other sour ales would be judged… forever.

So when the family decided it was time to refresh the labels on their bottles and cans, the artists aimed for a clean, fresh look, while also paying respect to Rodenbach’s 200-year-old heritage. Speaking on behalf of the brewery, David van Wees of Latis Imports gives the details.

“We just couldn’t lose that iconic Rodenbach ‘R’. It’s known and recognized around the world. At the same time, it has a new meaning, standing also for ‘Red, Ripened and Refreshing.’”

Those three ‘Rs’ describe their newest beer, Rodenbach Fruitage. It’s the only fruit-infused, low ABV beer that’s 100% authentically Rodenbach. It’s a blend of 25% aged Rodenbach ale, matured for two years in their oak standing foeders (wooden barrels used for fermentation) and 75% young Rodenbach ale, with cherries and elderberries added for some extra pop. This instant classic is light and refreshing and comes in an easily crushable 8.5 oz. can – their first canned beer ever!

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