Spring 2016 Beer Rediscovered

Great Lakes Eliot Ness – Dan Bisogno (a.k.a. Jersey Dan)

Dan Bisogno (a.k.a. Jersey Dan)
On-Premise Strategist for Origlio Beverage

Named for the Prohibition enforcement agent made famous by the movie The Untouchables, Great Lakes Eliot Ness is armed with lightly toasted malt and noble hops. The brewery admits, “It’s a bit of a paradox to name our amber lager for history’s most famous agent of prohibition, but it’s a smooth, malty (dare we say, arresting?) paradox.” During his career, Ness visited the bar where the Great Lakes brewery operates today and rumor has it, a bullet hole from his gun remains above the bar today. Ness also employed Margaret Conway – mother of GLBC co-owners Patrick and Daniel – as his stenographer. Fun fact: A shorthand tribute to Mrs. Conway adorns the beer’s new label artwork.

“Eliot Ness amber lager encompasses so many things that show a brewer’s deft touch,” says Dan Bisogno of Origlio Beverage. While Bisogno feels that hops can sometimes act as makeup, malt presence, in his opinion, is true beauty. “This is a remarkably malty beer, yet it’s incredibly light on the palate,” he says. “Before I tried Eliot Ness, I didn’t know a slightly sweet brew could be so clean on the palate. The color is a nice, dark, brick red. It’s pleasing to so many senses, and the maltiness, subtle hop character and clean finish speak to many different drinkers.”

“I really enjoy lagers in general,” Bisogno says. “As my palate has changed through the years I find them to be my go-to. I think people may overlook Eliot Ness simply because amber lagers haven’t ‘caught on’ in craft circles on the East Coast. If you travel to the Midwest or the West Coast, they are much more popular. In the craft community, lagers once held a bad name, as many people thought of them as yellow fizzy water. But the truth is, lagers are markedly harder to make than ales… they take three times longer to brew. What’s more crafty than that? Thankfully, craft-brewed lagers are on the rise, and soon, I think Eliot Ness will receive the credit it deserves – a new lease on life if you will.”

Bisogno, who currently has a six pack of this award-winning amber lager in his fridge says, “I’m working through a few darker beers I have been hording this winter. Eliot Ness will nicely fill the gap between my post-winter stouts and pre-summer pilsners. I love this beer with soft pretzels topped with spicy mustard… umami flavor abound!”

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