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Beer For All Seasons by Randy Mosher

Beer For All Seasons A Through-The-Year-Guide To What To Drink And When To Drink It

Have you ever wondered why certain beer styles are tied to specific times of the year? Chicago-based beer expert Randy Mosher answers this question in his book, Beer for All Seasons, in which he takes readers on a yearlong journey, focusing on the four seasons and the big events (perfect for beer consumption) that occur during each.

Mosher’s work explores the origins of seasonal beers and the common ingredients found in each, with great examples from breweries in the U.S. and abroad. However, this is not just a book of history and recommendations, it’s also full of calendar-worthy festivals and suggestions for seasonal food pairings and beer-centric travel. All of which are presented to the reader on lively pages filled with stimulating photos of people, places and of course, beer.

Finding a beer style to match the temperature outside can be difficult for every level of beer drinker, but brewers struggle with this concept as well. Greg Koch, owner of Stone Brewing Co. and a friend of Mosher’s says, “This, at its core, is a subject I simultaneously embrace and find myself at odds with. A part of me loves the idea of seasonality in beer. I get to look forward to different flavor profiles coming and going with the leaves on the trees. Yet another part of me simply wants to drink any beer at any time.”

Mosher writes in his book, “All human life once revolved around the seasons. Being in tune with the seasons was a matter of life and death for these early people. Crops had to be timed to the rain and the sun, and the animals they sheltered had their own seasonal patterns.” Beer for All Seasons educates beer drinkers about the seasonality of beer, but it also breaks the stigma that heavy beers should only be enjoyed during the bone chilling months, and lighter, crisp beers should be your go-to during the dog days of summer.

Chock full of interesting photos, Mosher gives readers a better understanding of traditions surrounding beer styles and an appreciation of how far the art of brewing has come.

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