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The Beer Bucket List by Mark Dredge

The Beer Bucket List
Over 150 Essential Beer Experiences from Around the World
By Mark Dredge

Everyone has a bucket list, and some of them, like award-winning beer writer Mark Dredge’s, include beer. In his latest book, The Beer Bucket List, Dredge takes readers on an epic journey in search of the best places to drink beer across the globe. This collection of over 150 incredible beer experiences features the world’s greatest beers, bars, breweries and events: it’s the ultimate beer lover’s bucket list. From Maine’s Allagash brewery to the hop gardens of New Zealand and pubs of Singapore, with beautiful illustrations throughout, Dredge makes readers feel like they’re right next to him, sharing a pint, while enjoying some of the best beer experiences the world has to offer.

Hung Over
The Morning After And One Man’s Quest For The Cure
By Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall

The holiday season is upon us, which means lots of parties, family get-togethers and an excessive amount of good food and drink. While basking in the happiness of the season, we may imbibe a little too much. With that comes the dreaded morning after. We’ve all been there… and we’ve all tried the remedies, from boatloads of water, extra sleep and supplements to fried food, chugging pickle juice and sweating it out in a sauna, but very few remedies are backed by scientific research. In his book Hung Over, Canadian writer and journalist Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall sets out to find a cure. He spent a decade traveling the world, drinking too much and testing loads of hangover “cures” along the way. Needless to say, the stories are hilarious. His fun yet torturous journey was worth it, as Bishop-Stall does seemingly find a few “cures”. At the end of his humorous and enlightening quest, he reveals his findings for what works best to feel better the morning after, as well as what to do to prevent a hangover. (And no, his tips don’t include not drinking in the first place.) He does, however, leave readers with one question… If people could drink too much and not feel awful the next day, would they ever stop drinking? Maybe hangovers are a blessing in disguise.

Beer At My Table
Recipes, Beer Styles And Food Pairings
By Tonia Wilson

Tonia Wilson is not only an author, but a trained chef, accomplished food product developer, food & drink writer and beer sommelier. Who better to create a book that celebrates beer’s versatility and its ability to bring out the best in a variety of delicious food? Wilson’s cookbook, Beer At My Table, includes defining traits of 35 different beer styles and a wonderful collection of seasonal recipes, each designed to be a perfect match. This book is the key to serving a delectable holiday meal that pairs perfectly with your favorite brew. May we suggest the braised pork shoulder with cabbage & apple complemented by a barleywine, like Sierra Nevada Bigfoot… yum.

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